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LENDAN - Lendys Platinum - Ammonia-Free Lightening Powder with Activated Charcoal 500g

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Lendys Platinum Free is an ammonia-free compact powder bleach that cares for and treats the hair fibre while achieving optimal lightening of the hair. Compatible with all types of techniques, ideal for enhancing ash or platinum colours.

High-performance bleaching agent with mattifying effect.

Ammonia-free | 100% vegan | Organically grown oil | Activated vegetable carbon | Hyaluronic acid

-Treatment therapy with 6 organic vegetable oils: nourishes, cares and gives extraordinary shine. A powerful controlled release system of certified organic vegetable oils for maximum respect for the hair fibre.
-Active charcoal: purifies the hair for a superior service with a uniform, interference-free result. The active charcoal helps to get rid of previous chemicals, metals present in the hair and pollution residues.
-Hyaluronic acid: increases hydration and controls frizz. It retains large amounts of water to increase the hair's hydration, making it stronger and less brittle.
-Mattifying action without unwanted shimmer: non-volatile ash-grey compact powder with a mattifying effect. Homogeneous, comfortable, safe and effective application.
-100% vegan: formula without animal ingredients.

- Step 1. Preparation of the mixture. Mix with Activia Oxilen or Oxi Blue depending on hair colour and desired degree of lightening.

- Activia Oxilen 5 vol. For natural lift (Babylights).
- Activia Oxilen 9 vol. For colour fade techniques (Melting).
- Activia Oxilen 20 vol. For gentle lift (Balayage).
- Activia Oxilen 30 vol. for a good level of lift and contrast (Demanding Techniques).
- Oxi Blue. For maximum lift and toning (Allover Lightening).

Flexible mixing ratio: 1+2 or 1+3.

- Step 2. Application. Apply the lightening product immediately after mixing on dry hair, without pre-washing.

- Step 3. Exposure time. The exposure time depends on the condition of the hair and the desired degree of lightening, varying from 20 to 60 minutes. The maximum exposure time is 60 minutes, without additional heat. Regular monitoring of the hair during the process is recommended.

- Step 4. Treatment. After the exposure time has elapsed, rinse well with plenty of lukewarm water. Apply the most suitable Lendan Cosmetics shampoo and conditioner/mask.